Professional Carpet Cleaning

Coastal Carpet Cleaners cares for your carpets in the best way possible. By training our technicians in the latest carpet cleaning techniques, supplying them with environmentally friendly products that are non-hazardous and well maintained, state of the art truck mounted equipment and vacuums; we can offer you the finest carpet cleaning in New London, CT. This combination of powerful carpet cleaning equipment and environment friendly carpet cleaning products work together brilliantly, to provide you with the deepest and healthiest carpet cleaning service. We constantly strive to improve our carpet cleaning services through regular training and learning. And we share our knowledge with our customers so that we can serve you better and help you to maintain your carpets in between professional visits.

Rug Cleaning

Coastal Carpet Cleaners has professional rug cleaning for rugs of all types; be it Persian, silk, antique, wool or braided rugs. Our team of licensed, bonded & insured rug cleaners are outfitted with the best rug cleaning equipment and accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our rug cleaning service begins with an initial rug inspection where our technicians check every inch of your rug. This inspection helps us identify the best cleaning method for your rug, as well as any problem areas, such as stains or vulnerable areas; so that we can properly protect your rug from damage during cleaning. Our next step is dusting and dry soil removal. We use innovative dusting equipment to remove dry soil and dust from your rug; much more than you could achieve with vacuuming alone. We then proceed to washing your rugs using our special rug cleaning products, to safely remove tough deep ground dirt, odors and stains. All of our cleaning agents are biodegradable and organic. Complete rinsing eliminates any cleaning agent residue. Our final step is rug drying and grooming where our professional drying equipment ensures that your rug will dry quickly; without rippling or shrinking. We will also groom the rug pile and fringe for optimal appearance and do a final inspection.

Coastal Carpet Cleaners treat the following types of Rugs:
– Area rugs
– Antique and modern
– Oriental, Turkish, Tibetan and Persian
– Kitchen, bathroom and outdoor
– Handmade and machine made
– Silk, wool and cotton
– Shag, braided, jute

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Coastal Carpet Cleaners offers the premier tile and grout cleaning service in the New London area. Tile cleaning without the proper equipment, knowledge and expertise is hard, back breaking work. But we are ready and willing to tackle your tile and grout cleaning jobs! We have the training, well maintained equipment and experience to quickly and easily clean your tile and grout.

Our skilled technicians know how to expertly clean ceramic tile, porcelain mosaic tile as well as many other kinds. We will choose the best cleaning method for the type of tile as well as the appropriate cleaning solution for the tile type, stain type, and grouting material. We highly recommend steam cleaning for tile and grout as it is an entirely eco-friendly cleaning method that is very effective. It uses very hot water and is particularly great for unglazed tile that was never sealed. Steam cleaning can remove many of the dark stains that have set in beneath the surface. Many home cleaning solutions are very harsh and can eat away at tile and grout over time. Coastal Carpet Cleaners are committed to cleaning your tiles without further damage. We can even protect some types of tile from future discoloration and damage by applying a tile sealer.

Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Coastal Carpet Cleaners, our skilled upholstery cleaning technicians are ready for your call. We have a trained staff of upholstery cleaners who expertly treat fabric upholstery of many different types. Keeping your upholstery clean and smelling fresh is not an easy task. The upholstery fabric on your furniture sustains everyday wear and tear. We have exactly the right carpet and upholstery team ready to take care of all your upholstery, sofa and furniture cleaning needs.

One of the best ways to clean upholstery is with the cleaning power of steam. Steam cleaning sofas and upholstery uses steam vapor to deeply penetrate through the fabric and clean all the dust and bacteria away. When you call Coastal Carpet Cleaners, you receive the best steam cleaners in New London to come and clean your upholstered furniture using only the latest upholstery cleaning equipment.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage comes without warning. With Coastal Carpet Cleaners water damage restoration team, you can rest easy knowing that we can restore your carpets. When carpets and upholstery are exposed to water as a result of floods, a leaky roof, a burst pipe or sewage spills for example, the damages they sustain can be horrific. Still, wet carpets and soaked upholstery can be restored with prompt and proper cleaning. We have a team of expert water damage restoration technicians who are ready and able to salvage flood damaged New London, CT homes. We have powerful water extracting machines that can extract all of the excess water so the area can dry completely.

Pressure Washing

Coastal Carpet Cleaners can wash away years of environmental pollutants, dirt mildew and mold. Power washing not only improves the look of your home, deck or office building, it protects it as well. Annual power cleanings improve paint and surface life as well as remove mildew and mold spores that cause allergies and degrade your exterior surfaces.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Whether your business has 1,000 square feet of tile or 100,000 square feet of carpet; you have quite an investment in the initial cost as well as the investment to attracting new customers and retaining current clients. The need to take care of this investment becomes even clearer as you start to witness premature wear and aging; as well as unsightly carpet stains and discolored grout lines. At Coastal Carpet Cleaners, we are the authority in maintaining and restoring your business’s flooring.

Coastal Carpet Cleaners will work with you to determine the best fit for your company or business; whether it be quarterly carpet cleaning or more frequent tile cleaning. We will explain the benefits and tailor a program that maximizes your flooring maintenance budget; whatever it may be. Our expert knowledge and experience in carpet and tile cleaning ensures a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and customers. Don’t settle for anything less than being part of Coastal Carpet Cleaner’s family of commercial clients.

Due to many factors such as security and convenient office hours, we believe there is no “one size fits all” approach. We offer choices that best serve our valued customers individual circumstances. Whether you prefer steam carpet cleaning or need dry carpet cleaning; our promise is that no system we utilize will ever compromise our results and your standards.