Exterior Residential Home Property Pressure Cleaning & Commercial Storefront Building Power Washing

Commercial businesses and residential homes of New London, Connecticut are supplied with a multitude of services from Coastal Carpet Cleaners. Being fully licensed and insured since 2005, Coastal Carpet Cleaners continues to deliver the ultimate experience with high moral standards, impeccable work ethics, family-friendly customer service, and superior execution to all services rendered. Our professionals are masterfully trained, experienced, and skilled to perform the various tasks associated with our service menu and with the aid of top of the line products and equipment offered only to licensed professionals; Coastal Carpet Cleaners delivers premium results.

Pressure Washing Service for Your Home or Storefront Business

Coastal Carpet Cleaners includes pressure cleaning services to the commercial entities and residential dwellings exterior surfaces. With the appropriate pressure setting and temperature, coupled with the ideal detergents specific to the surface material, you can have a maximum level of clean. Removing layers of accumulated substances from the surfaces the localized areas will be clean, sanitized and deodorized.

Pressure Cleaning Dirt, Oil & Grease Stains, Mold & More

– Dust, Dirt, and Mud
– Oil and Grease
– Loose Paint
– Bird Droppings and Animal Waste
– Bacteria, Germs, Mold
– High Walking Traffic Trails
– Pollutants and Allergens
– And More

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners!

Coastal Carpet Cleaners of New London, Connecticut can pressure clean the following surfaces of your commercial or residential property:
– Garage Floors
– Drive Ways
– Side Walks
– Parking Lots
– Siding
– Rooftops
– Windows
– Decks
– Patios
– Fences
– Dumpster Pads
– And more

Exterior Residential Home Property Pressure Cleaning & Commercial storefront Building Power Washing in New London, Connecticut

Coastal Carpet Cleaners are New London, Connecticut’s number one source for quality power washing, pressure cleaning, and exterior property restoration services. We use only the highest quality products and modern professional equipment to ensure you receive the most efficient and long lasting exterior cleaning results. When it comes to efficiently cleaning the exterior of your home or business in the Greater New London, Connecticut area, Coastal Carpet Cleaners has you covered. Call us today to get started!